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The table of contents listed below carries the articles published in Lux Mundi 1992-2002.
Anyone interested in one or more of these issues, please contact our administration office.

XI/1 (March 1992)
Editorial A. de Jager
Blessed Are the Meek (Regarding Les Miserables) M.H. Oosterhuis
Characteristics of the Christian Hope J. Kamphuis
Leeuwarden and the Churches Abroad (Synodical Decisions) M.H. Oosterhuis
The Free Reformed Churches of Australia G. van Rongen
Book Review: Christian Liberty versus Neighbour Love? G. Gunnink
Towards the ICRC 1993 D.J. van Wijnen

XI/2 (June 1992)
Editorial A. de Jager
Characteristics of the Christian Hope J. Kamphuis
Reformed Three Times Over? Harm J. Boiten
The Reformed Church in the United States: An Introduction R. Grossmann
The Conference of Missions in Latin America H. Schouten
News Update J. Klamer

XI/3 (September 92)
Editorial: The Structure of the Covenant J. Klamer
Infant Baptism and Infant Communion B. Kamphuis
What Basis Adult Baptism? Jac. Kruidhof
Die Vrije Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Africa F. van Hulst
News Update J. Klamer
Book Review: The Holy Spirit Was Not Yet H.R. van de Kamp
Book Review: Annotations to the Heidelberg Catechism J. Klamer
Press Review: Baptized Children at the Lord’s Supper?

XI/4 (December 92)
Editorial: Tolerance in Church History J. Klamer
Christ Born Anew in the Sermon? C.J. Haak
An Appraisal of Tolerance J. Kamphuis
Self-portrait of the Gereja-Gereja Reformasi Di Indonesia
(Nusa Tenggara Timur) P. Hawu
The Holy Spirit Was Not Yet J. Byun
Announcement: Brochures J. Klamer
Towards the ICRC 1993 (II) D.J. van Wijnen

XII/1 (March 93)
Editorial: Are All Religions the Same? J. Klamer
Are All Religions the Same? J.W. Roosenbrand
Eschatology: The Final Chapter of the Doctrine of Faith J. Kamphuis
The Evangelical Presbyterian Church M.G. Johnston
Down Under in the Focus: Introduction to Article Rev. B. Hoyt A. de Jager
A Comparison and Evaluation of Ecclesiastical Polity (in the
English Presbyterian and Continental Reformed Traditions) Bruce Hoyt
Press Review: Freedom and Unity among Reformed Churches J. Sawyer
Book Review: Seeking Our Brothers in the Light,
Editor: Dr. Theodore Plantinga J. Klamer
ICRC Conference 1993 and the Church of Zwolle South J. Klamer
General Synod of the Gereformeerde Kerken (Liberated)
in the Netherlands

XII/2 (June 93)
Editorial: On Biblical Manhood and Womanhood J. Klamer
How is Scripture to be Interpreted? J. van Bruggen
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood R.D. Zorn
Book Review: Can Our Differences be Settled? J. Klamer
The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland A. Loughridge
The Catechism Sermon C. Trimp
Bible and Koran L.W. de Graaff
Free Church Asian Outreach G. Singh
Update Information ICRC Conference 1993 J. Klamer
Two Reports to the Conference Zwolle Zuid ICRC 1993 J. Klamer

XII/3 (September 93)
Editorial: Faith and Experience J. Klamer
Faith and Experience: From Wesley to Pentecostalism J.W. Maris
Book Review: Experience Not Divorced from Faith M.J. Arntzen
Book Review: A Philosopher in a Christian School K. Veling
Discussion Paper on Pluriformity or Denominationalism C. Bouwman
General Synod Ommen: Review of Proceedings
Regarding Relations with Churches Abroad J. Klamer
New Publications J. Klamer

XII/4 (December 93)
Editorial: ICRC 1993, A Productive Conference J. Klamer
Press Release of ICRC, Zwolle, the Netherlands
from September 1-9, 1993
Third Meeting of the ICRC, Zwolle, the Netherlands
(The Presbyterian Banner, October 1993)
Logo of the ICRC General Synod Ommen, 1993 J. Klamer
Mission Work in the Ukraine P.J. van Dijk
All That Hath Breath J.R. Luth
The Vitality of Reformed Theology J.P. de Vries
Publications by the Committee on Relations with Churches
Abroad of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands J. Klamer

XIII/1(March 94)
Editorial: The Bible Today J. Klamer
Our Bible: Received or Made Up? Mieke Brink
Word and Walk J. Douma
Election – Atonement – Covenant B. Loonstra
Book Review: ‘Election – Atonement – Covenant’ S.A. Strauss
Mission Work in Zaire W. Scherff

XIII/2(June 94)
Editorial: The Theological University at Kampen J. Klamer
From God or From Man? B. Kamphuis
God’s Word in Human Tongue J. van Bruggen
The Extent of Salvation: Summary of a Doctoral Thesis C.J. de Ruijter
Book Review: The Extent of Salvation P.W. van de Kamp
Catechism Preaching: Part 1 N.H Gootjes
The Free Church of Scotland: A Portrait C. Graham

XIII/3 September 94)
Editorial: Reformed Holland in the Twentieth Century J. Klamer
(From Kuyper to Post-Kuitert H. Veldman
The Broken Staff Called Union (from The Presbyterian Banner, dec 93) N. Weeks
The General Synod of Ommen 1993 B. Luiten
Catechism Preaching Part 2 N.H. Gootjes
Mission in South Africa A. J. de Visser
Sisterchurch Relations: The Free Church of Scotland and
the Reformed Churches (Lib)
Drs. A. J. Pol back from Sumba J. Klamer
Of Psalms and Instruments: A Response to John Luth R.S. Ward

XIII/4 (December 94)
Editorial: World-wide Mission J. Klamer
Mission Policies and Activities: Reformed Church in the United States R. Grossmann
New Callings in Kenya? J. Klamer
Relations with Churches in Brazil J. Klamer
Good Times in Noordwijkerhout: Report on the International
Reformed Theological Congress Held in June 1994 J.P. de Vries
On One Day the Elements Will Melt the Fire J.P. de Vries
The Sermon and the Movie C.J. de Ruijter
Recent Criticisms of the Westminster Confession of Faith R.S. Ward

XIV/1 (March 95)
Editorial: Another Year of God’s Grace J. Klamer
ICRC: Conference in Seoul, 1997
Missions: Another Year of God’s Grace, Orthodox Presbyterian Church M.T. Bube
Ten Days in Benin C.J. Haak
Recent Criticisms of the Westminster Confession of Faith (Cont.) R.S. Ward
Reversal or Delay? R. ter Beek
Concerns in the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa F.J. Bijzet
Publications J. Klamer

XIV/2 (June 95)
Editorial: God is the Refuge of His Saints J. Klamer
Women’s Voting Right in the Church F.H. Folkerts
Presbyterian Theological Seminary Dehra Dun (India) J. Klamer
Reformed Theology and Modern Thought M.J. Arntzen
Hanshin Earthquake Disaster in Japan J. Klamer/ N.Makino
Bible Stories: Tell the Facts Mieke Brink
Book Review: The Songs of Zion G.I. Williamson

XIV/3 (September 95)
Editorial – You have Only One Master J. Klamer
A Noble Task…About the Office Bearer as Person C.J. Haak
Daddy, May I take Communion? B. Kamphuis
Canadian Reformed General Synod of Abbotsford (May 9-23, 95)
Great, But a Little Short: Institute for Reformed Theological Training (IRTT) Roel Sikkema
De Verre Naasten (Distant Neighbours): Cooperation in Development Tjerk S. de Vries

XIV/4 (December 95)
Editorial – The work of the Holy Spirit J. Klamer
Baptism with the Holy Spirit (1) J. van Bruggen
Mission Work in Curitiba Th. J. Havinga
Canadian Reformed Mission Work in Brazil P.K. Meijer
The Reformed Church at Unaï, Brazil P.K. Meijer
ICRC Conference in Seoul, 1997 J. Klamer
International Conference of Reformed Churches 1993: Tremendous Unity Bruce Hoyt
The Divide CRC Synod 1995 C. van Dam
Contents Lux Mundi XI/1 – XIV/2 (1992-1995)

XV/1 (March 96)
Editorial – The Ecclesiastical Liberation in the Netherlands J. Klamer
The Liberation: Causes and Consequences G. Ph. van Popta
Competent to Counsel: An Evaluation of the Thoughts of Dr. Jay Adams C. Trimp
Baptism with the Holy Spirit (2) J. van Bruggen
And Now There is Holy Laughter Bill Berends
L’Église Reformée du Québec : A Federation of French Reformed Churches P. Bedard/J. van Popta
GKN Without Fear to REC
Euthanasia? C. van Dam

XV/2 (June 96)
Editorial – The Persecuted Church in Sudan J. Klamer
Date of 1997 Conference Changed
The Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands Dep. Chr. Ref. Churches
Remarks on Church and Tolerance J. Kamphuis
Meeting of the Alliance of Reformed Churches R. Aasman /
W. den Hollander
Prayer and Bibles Study A.J. Pol
Anglicans Adapt Doctrine J.P. de Vries

XV/3 (September 96)
Editorial – Is God’s Word a Lamp to Our Feet (Ps. 119:105)? J. Klamer
Conservative Action in the Christian Reformed Church C. van Dam
General Synod of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands,
“Berkel en Rodenrijs 1996” A. de Jager
I Will Build My Church Christine Farenhorst
Redemptive Historical Preaching H.M. Ohmann
Reformed Believers in Portugal P.K. Meijer
African Region Conference of the ICRC W.D. Graham

XV/4 (December 96)
Editorial – What is the Meaning of Baptism? J. Klamer
Can Parents Be Sure? Background and Meaning of Canons of Dort I,17 N.H. Gootjes
The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Northern India (RPCNI) J. Klamer
The Free Reformed Churches in South Africa (FRCSA) and the Deformation
of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) C.F. Heiberg
Reformed Mission Workers in Latin America: A Report of Their Tenth D. Smith
A Look at Promise Keepers G.I. Williamson
Let’s Keep Our Sunday Evening Worship P.H. Alexander
Women and Evangelism J. Visscher
The Wilderness Turned into a Garden Algerian ex-Muslim
ICRC Conference in Seoul October, 1997
Announcement for Our Foreign Readers

XVI/1(March 97)
Editorial: Once Again 95 Theses on the Castle Church of Wittenberg? J. Klamer
The Church in Germany: Reformation or Moral Reflection? A.J. Petter
Typology and Biblical Revelation H.M. Ohmann
Visitors f rom Abroad at General Synod Berkel-Rodenrijs 1996 J. Klamer
Is the Bible Contradictory and Inaccurate? J. Van Popta
Iglesia Cristiana de Fe Reformada en Venezuela (ICFER) C. Rodríguez
‘Read Paul through the Glasses He Himself Presents’ K. van Noppen
Inconsistency in Paul? Summary of a Dissertation. T.E. van Spanje
Introduction: The Free Church of Central India (FCCI) J. Klamer
The Persuasive Power of the Spirit G. van den Brink
Contents Lux Mundi September 1995 – December 1996

XVI/2 (June 97)
Editorial: Fourth Assembly ICRC in Seoul, Korea (Oct. 14-24, 1997) J. Klamer
The Presbyterian Church in Korea (Koshin) Soon-Gil Hur
Light on the Outer Darkness R. Schouten
Always Obedient R. Schouten
Closer Relations between the Netherlands and Nigeria T. de Boer
Catholic-Protestant Debate in Melbourne R. Humphreys
Readers’ Comments
News Update J. Klamer
– Missionary theological assistance in Kupang, Indonesia
– Assistance at the seminary on Sumba, Indonesia
– Two Indonesian students in Canada
– John Calvin Centre, Larnaca, Cyprus
– Dr. L.J. de Vries professor Bible translation at the Free University of Amsterdam
– The first Bible in Papiamento on Curacao
– Somali Voice of New Life
– Which translation?
The Cross versus the Crescent J.D. Tangelder
Worship in Spirit and Truth J. Visscher

XVI/3 (September 97)
Editorial: With General or with Christian Arguments? J. Klamer
A Millennial Reign, But How? Tj. Boersma
News Update J. Klamer
1. Latest news 4th ICRC-Assembly in Seoul, Korea
2. Relations between Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Canadian Ref. Churches
3. Ties broken with CRC
4. Mission workers OPC expelled from Eritrea
5. Crown Prince Willem Alexander makes profession of faith
6. K. Schilder Library in “John Calvin Centre” on Cyprus
7. Agreement for Missionary Cooperation
By Virtue of the Covenant J. Ludwig
In Our Own Right Line J. de Jong
– J. Douma, Dubitable Certitudes
– B. Kamphuis, Infant Baptism and Infant Communion
Battle to Destroy Truth J. Klamer

XVI/4 (December 97)
Editorial: Reformed Churches in Russia J. Klamer
J.A. Boersema Defends Dissertation about Marriage Payments J. Klamer
Marriage Payments: An Anthropological-Ethical Investigation of the
Bride-Price in East Sumba (Summary) J.A. Boersema
Institute for Reformed Theological Training (IRTT) B. van der Lugt
News Update J. Klamer
– Visits to Churches Abroad
– The Ref. Presbyterian Church of lreland (RPCI)
– The Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC)
– The Ref. Church in Japan (RCJ)
– The Ref. Presbyterian Church of Taiwan (RPCT)
– The Ref. Churches in Sri Lanka (DRC and LRC)
Unity of Faith in Seoul J. Klamer
Is Evolution Compatible with Scripture? C. Van Dam
Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds T. Jelsma
Israel God’s People? G. Gunnink

XVII/1 (March 98)
Editorial – Willow Creek: A Challenge J.T. Oldenhuis
User Friendly Evangelism J De Jong
We Do Our Best for God P.A. Bergwerff
In a Different World P.A. Bergwerff
Marriage Payments: An Anthropological-Ethical
Investigation of the Bride-Price in East Sumba (Summary) J.A. Boersema
News Update: J. Klamer
– ICRC 1997 in Seoul, Korea; Press Release
– A World in Transition
– All the Works of Prof. Dr. C. Van Til on CD-Rom
– Reformed Literature in Russian and Ukrainian Language
Pure Liberalism A.J. Arntzen
The Place of Emotions in Our Worship Paul Aasman

XVII/2 (June 1998)
Editorial – Living Members Rob Schouten
A Reformed Church in Austria J. Klamer
The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA) J. Klamer
Same-Sex Marriages and the Impact on the Church A.L.Th. de Bruijne
News Update:
1. Rev. H. Knigge Back from Timor, Indonesia
2. The Eleventh Latin American Mission Conference John Kroeze
3. Renewing One’s Understanding of the Liberating Gospel:
The Church in Gent, Belgium A.A. Kramer
4. Separated CRC Churches Experience Rapid Growth
5. Helping Filipinos Help Themselves R.W. Zuidema
6. A Handful of Rice…
7. Theological Training in Venezuela
8. Free Church of Scotland
Heroes of the Faith? J. Geertsema

XVII/3 (Sept. 1998)
Editorial – “I don’t Like Talking about Myself” W. van ‘t Spijker
Hybels: Guided Too Much by Human Desires J.W. Roosenbrand
Taking Every Thought Captive for Christ Gerrit Riemer
God with Us: The Gospel of the Holy of Holies C.van Dam
Reformed Work in Ukraine Joanne van Dam
Ecclesiastical Fellowship between CDNRC and L’ERQ Recommended J.L. Van Popta
Cooperating in Development World-Wide Tjerk S. De Vries
News Update:
1. Reformed Newspaper for Christians in the Netherlands:
“Dutch Daily”(Nederlands Dagblad) Every Day throughout the World
2. Increase in Conservative German Reformed People
3. OPC Wants Relationship with Seceded from CRC
4. A Second Reformed Church in Austria

XVII/4 (Dec. 1998)
Editorial- Joseph and the Virgin Birth N.H. Gootjes
The Need for the Reformed Faith C. Van Dam
Some Decisions of the General Synod of the Canadian Reformed Churches, May 1998
Reformed Churches in India J. Klamer
Book Review – Their Blood Cries Out F.G.Oosterhoff
Letter – The Struggle of Faith Henriet
Church Unity Talks in Wellandport G.Ph.Van Popta
News Update:
1. Living Letters in Kiangsi China
2. Suspension of Norwegian Ministers due to their Position against
Modern Developments
3. Providentially Discovering the Reformed Faith
4. The United Reformed Churches of North America
5. Responsibility of Churches for Each Other
6. Read, Pray, Repeat Randy Greenwold
7. Correction of an article re the Philippines

XVIII/1 (March 99)
Editorial – The Objective in Preaching M.E. Hoekzema
Book Review – The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam
Book Review – Has the (Evangelical) Church Lost its Way? R. Schouten
I Still Don’t Know What Redemptive Historical Interpretation Is J.L. Van Popta
The Miracle of the Written Word and a New Acquisition C. van Dam
A New Seminary in South Africa J. de Jong
News Update:
1. A Bible Translator on the New International Version (NIV)
2. Bible Translator in Nigeria
3. Leader of the Southern Baptists: The Doctrine of Election is Biblical
4. Kuitert on the Christian Faith: “Going after an idle fancy”?
5. “Kuitert and Den Heyer, my sources of inspiration”
6. Progress among the Reformed Churches of Brazil
7. Press Release of the First National Confession of the Reformed
Churches in Brazil
8. Dumisani, South Africa
9. Byung-Gook Kim Receives his Doctorate
Contents Lux Mundi March-December 1998
Book Notices

XVIII/2 (June 1999)
Editorial – Love Has Many Forms J. Douma
Freedom of Religion Johan D. Tangelder
Book Review – A Sign of Faithfulness C. Bosch
Book Review – The Urim and Thummim R. Aasman
Is Arminianism a Different Gospel? E.Kampen
The Church in Mexico C. van Dam
“Perfect” Christians N.H. Gootjes
News Update:
1. Reformed Churches (Liberated) of the Netherlands Statistics
2. Three Protestant Churches in the Netherlands “Samen Op Weg”
(On the Way Together)
3. E.A. de Boer Receives his Doctorate in Geneva
4. The Reformed Family Worldwide
5. Being a Christian in Brazil
6. The Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America (RPCNA)
7. The Christian Reformed Church suspended from NAPARC
General Synod Leusden
Book Notices

XVIII/3 (Sept. 1999)
Editorial – An Overarching Supersynod W. van ‘t Spijker
Christians and Art N.H. Gootjes
The Perfection of Christ Jesus and our Perfection J. Geertsema
Now I Want You to Know Christine Farenhorst
Only by Grace – or also through Indulgences? M.E.W. Brink-Blijdorp
Book Reviews: Creation and Change and Reacting to
Evolutionism C. van Dam
Preparing for the Lord’s Supper L.E. Leeftink
The Church in Spain Tjerk S. de Vries
Book Notices

XVIII/4 (Dec. 1999)
The End was Near James Dykstra
The Not-So-Secret Rapture W.Fred Rice
The Magical Power of Attraction of the Year 2000 Emerson Vermaat
Above and Below in the Doctrine of Christ and the
Doctrine of Revelation: prof. B. Kamphuis on modern German Theology Koert van Bekkum
Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia: An Overview W.P. Gadsby
Venezuela Discovers the Reformed World Tjerk de Vries
The Reformed a Salting Salt in Venezuela Tjerk de Vries
A Reformed Church in Sri Lanka J. Klamer
Some Decisions of the General Synod of the Reformed Churches
of the Netherlands (Liberated) at Leusden J. Klamer
Oh,Netherlands Andries Knevel
News Update:
1. Women in Combat?
2. The Spreading of Bible Believing Church in Germany
3. Myanmar: Buddha is dead but Jesus Lives!
4. The Arguments of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in
North America (RPCNA) against the Use of Instruments in Worship
Book Notices

XIX/1 (March 2000)
Notes on The Westminster Confession J. Kamphuis
General Synod of the Reformed Churches (Liberated) Leusden 1999 (II) J.Klamer
A Brief Look at the Reformed Churches in New Zealand D.G.Vanderpyl
and B. Hoyt
The International Conference of Reformed Churches
News Update:
1. Services in Six Different Languages
2. ICRC 2001 Notice
Contents Lux Mundi March – December 1999
Book Notices

XIX/2 Covenantal Life in the Spirit Mieke Brink-Blijdorp
(June 2000) Work and Pray: Strategic Planning in Mission Work Menno Van Hulst
Is Peace, with Church Division, Really Better? C. van Dam
Dogmas and Paul N.H. Gootjes
Does the Bible Teach Calvinism? C.D. Keller
The Reformed Ecumenical Council J. Klamer
Judge that You be Not Judged! J. Geertsema
News Update:
1. Positive Thinking instead of the Gospel
2. One Third of the World’s Inhabitants is Christian
3. Correction
Book Notices

XIX/3 (Sept. 2000)
Growing Up in the Covenant Mieke Brink-Blijdorp
Reformed Ecumenicity in the 21ste Century C.J. Haak
The Singing of Psalms and Hymns R. Aasman
IRTT Course 2000 of Church Leaders C.J. Haak
News Update:
1. Close Co-operation between Lutherans and Anglicans
2. Reformed Churches in Russia
3. Book Announcement: C. Lucar, Eastern Confession of Belief
4. Denial of the Atonement through the Blood of Christ
5. False Doctrine only Good Reason for Withdrawal from Church
6. Idolatry with Mary
7. A European Gathering
8. Mission Conference in Africa
Book Notices

XIX/4 (Dec. 2000)
Preparing Your Children for Marriage Barbara H. Cross
The Character of a True and Living Faith P.G. Feenstra
Days of Creation H.M. Ohmann
Virtual Morality: Ethics in the Computer Age W.David J. McKay
Update on Ukraine M. Nap and J.Werkman
Sunday celebration and Working on Sunday J. Douma
News Update:
1. Christians in Laos Forced to Deny Faith
2. International Youth Conference
Book Notices

XX/1 (March 2001)
The Strenght of the Reformed Heritage P. Aasman
Introduction to the Fifth Assembly of the International Conference of
Reformed Churches (ICRC) M. van Beveren
Summaries of some Speeches to be presented at the 5th ICRC:
1. Hermeneutics and the Bible J. van Bruggen
2. The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Believer illustrated by
the Spirit’s office of leading the Believer from Regeneration
to Glorification C. Pronk
3. Biblical Principles of the Unity of the Church J. de Jong
4. The Unity of the Church in the Westminster Tradition W.D.J. McKay
A personal relationship with God? J. van Bruggen
Book Review: The Spirit causes the Word to speak K. van Bekkum
Book Review: Christians and Politics R.S. Ward
From GOV to Emission J. Schiebaan
Can different Languages and Cultures be Together? A.J. de Visser
New Update:
1. Graduation of dr. Mohan Chacko B. Bolt
2. Picture Bible in Indonesian
3. My first Bible in Swahili
Contents Lux Mundi March-December 2000

XX/2 (June 2001)
Editorial R. ter Beek
Experience in the Preaching B. Kamphuis
The Church in the Preaching J.W. Maris
Bible Translation in the Non-Western World G. Kloppenburg
Interview with dr. de Visser: The Faith of a Black South African Tj. S. de Vries
Politics without God: Fragments of the spiritual struggle in the Netherlands R. ter Beek
Submitting Together to the One Message of Christ: Reformed Churches
(Lib.) and ‘Christelijke Gereformeerde’ Churches Get to Know Each Other R. ter Beek
Statements of Agreement CanRC + URCNA
News Update:
1. Reformed Academy in Marburg J. Klamer
2. A Revised Bible Translation for Bulgarian Christians Ewoud Gosker
3. Prof. Kwakkel receievs his doctorate R. ter Beek
4. Rev. J. Klamer – Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau Tjerk S. de Vries
Additions to Lux Mundi 20/1, March 2001
Book Notices

XX/3 (Sept. 2001)
Editorial R. ter Beek
The International Conference of Reformed Churches, Philadelphia 2001 R. ter Beek
Regeneration in the Preaching B. Kamphuis
The Convenant in the Preaching J.W. Maris
Lord’s Supper and Unity K. de Vries
The Confessing Reformed Church in Benin J.E. Wolting
Lord’s Supper in Congo Tj. S. de Vries
I’d like to Become a Member Afinus de Vries
News Update:
1. I was allowed to keep that Bible for two days
2. International Conference of Reformed Youth 2001
Book Notices

XX/4 (Dec. 2001)
Editorial R. ter Beek
Admission to the Lord’s Supper R. Faber
Some Reflections on Experimental Preaching H. Overduin and W. Wullschleger
Book review: Patrimony Profile J.C. Kennedy
Introduction to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church C.J. Reitsma
Too Astute to Become a Curiosity R. Wiskerke
Interview with prof. dr. J. van Bruggen R. Wiskerke
News Update
Book Notices